Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korean Language and Last Night's Dinner

Today was one of those days where I'm just embarrassed with my lack of knowledge in the Korean language. I was in class with a girl I've been talking to lately (who knows Spanish, English, and Korean! I'm so jealousy of her skills!) and when we got into groups with other Korean students, she had to translate what the students were saying just for me. I seriously felt bad since I want to be able to talk to Korean students, there are so many interesting people here, but there's just a lack of communication due to the wall of language. It was really nice of the girl to translate for me, but it was frustrating since I'm in Korea and I can barely understand what anyone's saying, nor can I actually talk to them. :((((

And not saying the people from English speaking countries are not nice and I don't like hanging out with them, because I do, but I don't want to always be hanging out with people who can speak English. I want to actually make friends through Korean. I don't know. I think I just miss my family, and I haven't been running lately, and I haven't had a real photo shoot in months, and there's something weird going on with me physically, but I can't just call up my mom and ask her about it. So, I have pent up energy and confusion and I have no one to really tell.

And you know those nights when you lay in bed with your eyes ridiculously wide open and your brain is running rampant, mostly thinking about all the stupid things you did that day? Well, that's pretty much been me every night. My face has gotten so dark, that I'm beginning to become embarrassed by the lack of coverage (which is none since I've never worn face makeup) over my dark eyes. These are just things I've never had to worry about. BUT even with the knowledge that I'm leveling up in life through all of this, it's just exhausting. Not to say that I don't love being in Korea, it's just exhausting.

Anyway, here are some food pictures:

Green Tea and Red Bean doughnut! I have a special place in my heart for both of these flavors, so when they are put together, it's magical. 

Dinner last night: Kimchi Cheesy Rice. It was seriously delicious, I'm definitely going back for this another day! This restaurant was actually the same place I ordered the ridiculously spicy "Kimchi Jjigae", but because I went back with some people from my class, they told me that all the dishes there were not that spicy and I should just try something else, which ended up being great! My friend actually ordered the kimchi jjigae, just to try it, and agreed that no dish should ever be that spicy! However, my roommate told me that kimchi jjigae dishes are not usually that spicy and that I should try to order it at a different restaurant... so that may happen at some point, if I can get over the trauma of the first jjigae. 

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