Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kimchi for Breakfast

So, because the time between South Korea (where I am) and the U.S. (where my blog thinks I am) is so different, it looks like I'm posting a ton of times in one day; but really, I'm only posting once a day (maybe twice every now and then). Just to get things straight... I'm not posting this at 3AM, it's really 6PM on September 3rd.

OK. So I had my 2nd class today and it turns out I think I'll really enjoy it! The professor thinks it may be too easy for me since I'm the only non-Chinese foreigner and the class is completely in English, but I can't drop classes just because they're actually taught in English. Also, this is the one class that most closely pertains to my major, so I think I'm going to stick with it!

Anyway, I went walking today with my actual camera! It's been so long since I've gone out anywhere for the pure reason of taking pictures, so it was a nice feeling to snap some shots! Once the weekend hits, I'll definitely hop on the subway and try to go to Hongdae or possibly Itaewon. I want to go hiking, but it's just too hot to go climbing up a mountain, so once it cools a bit I'll definitely go!

Also, I've started eating meals (lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria, which is definitely interesting... whenever I talk to Korean students, they always tell me that the food there is not really good. Even though I've only had two meals there, I don't think the food is bad. I think my biggest issue is trying to eat kimchi at 8AM. I'm a lover of American breakfast food, so eating fish with Kimchi and soup is really weird for me that early in the morning. Maybe I'll get used to it?

These shots are from around my campus. My university is known for being in the center of things going on in the city. It's only a 10 min walk to anywhere, including many different subway stations, and there are restaurants and shops scattered everywhere!

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