Saturday, September 7, 2013


I finally made it to Hongdae! I've been wanting to check out this area ever since I learned about Seoul, so the second I had some free time, I knew this was where I wanted to go first! Because it's Saturday, it was incredibly crowded, but today was a beautiful (very hot), sunny day that made the walking sweaty but nice. I took the subway line 2 for about 9 stops which took roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Going there, a man from Ethiopia began talking to me on the subway, and since I'm a guarded person (especially because I feel like no one talks on the subway...), I was a little rude to him because I have heard bad things about being too friendly to strangers. But, of course, he was just a nice guy who wanted to talk and I felt a little bad after he got off on his stop. Also on the subway ride up, an older Korean lady gave me and the guy from Ethiopia (and only us) caramel candies, which was really random... it was an odd subway ride altogether.

Once I got there, I stopped off at a cafe called "Coffee Prince" which is a line of cafes where really handsome men are supposed to work, haha. I bought a sandwich (pictured below) and then kind of wandered around until I saw graffiti and that lead me into the main shopping areas. I've begun to find (and it's probably because it's my first time here) that I have to walk around the same area for at least an hour, just to look at everything, and then begin to take pictures. There's just so much to look at and listen to, it's overwhelming and it takes me time to look at something and decide to capture it!

I spent a total of 5 hours walking around and I still barely got to see anything (and yet saw so much at the same time). While I walked, I saw a total of three different musicians playing (who were all pretty good, see the video and decide for yourself!). I really only left because the heat was killing me and I was dehydrated. There is just so much crammed into a wide area, you could spend days just looking around and doing things. I definitely want to go back and have a plan on what to see, now that I know the area a little more. Get comfortable, because there are a lot of pictures and a 3-minute video at the very end!

I love all the rooftop gardens! 

Coffee Prince Sandwich... the English...

This scared me when I rounded the corner and came upon it!

Japanese goods store.
I like their fashion.

It literally says "Bunny Food", so cute! 

"Game is LIFE. LIFE is NOT GAME." 

Art students sat outside and would draw you for $5.

I didn't go inside, but how amazing does this look!?

I really liked them! The drummer was seriously working hard! 

He looked a little nervous, but he had a really nice voice! 

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