Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hip-Hop Happiness

If you just read my blog and don't talk to me outside of it, you would probably think I have serious problems, since I keep flip-flopping on my emotions. But really, this is just how I am and I don't seem this crazy in real life! I promise...

What I meant to start my blog with, is that I've been really happy lately! I know a few days ago I was feeling really down and I didn't really know where I fit into the whole of Korea, but life works itself out as it always does, and I'm feeling much more confident in where I stand (though I shouldn't say this too loudly since I may be jinxing myself...). Yesterday there was a student-run hip-hop dance/rap concert in the theater on our campus and it was really cool! You could tell the students had worked really hard and it was fun to watch them with their self-made raps and group hip-hop dances. It just drove home how much I miss dancing, and now I'm on a mission to find a dance group and join!

Today I went to the class that I have the least interest in: Mass Media and Politics. However in the class, we have discussion groups and since I am a foreigner and the class is in English, I was picked to be a group leader. I have never been much of a leader, as sad as I am to admit it, but I feel really good about stepping out of my comfort zone and I've been trying to get everyone to talk and participate in the discussions! Well today when I went to class, I was talking with the 8 people that are in the group and things seemed to be going well, even though I'm not sure if they fully understood me since I could tell a few of them are struggling with all the English. After class I ran into a friend of some of the guys in my group and he told me that they really liked me! Which made me extremely happy since I am not an overly outgoing person and the fact that I can't speak Korean hinders our communication, but it was so reassuring just to hear someone tell me that I was getting across to them. Or not even that, just that I was doing a good job. Life doesn't hand you too many pats on the back, so I took this as a sign of "you're doing better than you think" and I it made me feel really good :D Yeah, also, I have been learning little Korean phrases that I whip out at people randomly and they are always impressed haha Even though I just ask "What's your name?" or "I am a student", I think it's best to try to speak as much as you can!

Ok, so here are some pictures and video I took last night on my tablet (which aren't too great, but...). I wish I had had my camera on me, but I ran into the concert while walking back to my dorm from class, and I wouldn't have had enough time to go to the dorm and come back. But it was a good experience without having to record it somehow!

They even had smoke machines running with colored lights!

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  1. OMG YES PLEASE JOIN A KOREAN DANCE GROUP!!!!!!!!!!! My dreams would be coming true for you!!!!!