Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hanok Folk Village Pt. 1

Today was an extremely hot day, but Kelly and I decided to check out the Korean Folk Village today since they were continuing their celebrations of Chuseok! "Hanok" is the traditional style of Korean houses and the entire village showed how Koreans used to live within the Joseon Dynasty. The area was really large and there was so much to see, but there were also a ton of people there since we decided to go on a Saturday, which made it a little difficult to actually get pictures without people walking right in front of you. However, I ended up taking over 300 pictures and, after editing them all down, I've decided to post about 45 of them, which means there will be two parts to this post!

The "Traditional Mask Dance". There were two guys inside this costume, one for the head and one for the bottom. After the show, they both threw off the head piece since they looked like they were way too hot underneath! 

Another traditional dance. This one was seriously pretty with the bright fans and the pastel colored dresses! The shadows from the fans as they waved them around made every move more dramatic!

When the girls twirled, the dresses went from a flowy skirt to a very interesting, circular under skirt. The dresses really created a dynamic element to the entire dance!

They looked like flowers!

After the show (I was creeping on all the little kids who wanted pictures with the performers...).

Kelly and I with the large dancing mask creature... sorry, I'm not exactly sure what it is called... There were a ton of old men photographers crowding around this guy after the show, and one of them called us over (as we were obviously two of the maybe 4 foreigners there) and took my camera to take a picture of us! He was so nice!

Toasting chestnuts 

Traditional instrument playing in the street...

Traditionally made shoes!

One stove off, one stove on... not sure what was cooking in there, but it was certainly hot! 

Look forward to part 2 tomorrow (or tonight for people in the US...)!

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  1. Oh my god I love this!!! All of the pictures are so vibrant and beautiful, you have such an amazing talent. Can't wait for part 2!!