Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hanok Folk Village Part. 2

Part 2 of the Hanok Folk Village adventures!

Not sure what these sculptures represent (if anything), but they kind of reminded me of Spirited Away! I could almost see this place lighting up at night when it's empty with the spirits eating street food and lounging in the dirt-floored buildings :)

THIS. WAS. AMAZING. Seriously, this was really good! It was a pancake filled with green onions, octopus (which is the first time I've ever had it and it was delicious!), and a few other things that I can't remember because the green onion and octopus took over this entire pancake. It was so good! It was almost too rich as I got around my 4th piece, but then I just ate some kimchi (pictured below) and it helped break up the flavors, witch allowed me to enjoy the rest of the pancake! Korean food never made so much sense before this! 

The mandatory side dishes. I actually miss kimchi at meals now if I don't have it! :O

The village was built around both sides of this lake and connected by bridges! 

Inside the interesting museum about Korean culture, they had many displays like this one where there were figures acting out the historical facts! It really brought everything to life!

A show the Village put on was acrobats on horses! These kids were riding the horses at fast speeds around a rink while doing flips on their backs, or creating pyramids on top of each other. It was incredible! Kelly and I were wondering how you get into this line of business, especially since they obviously begin young! The whole crowd kept gasping through the entire show! 

So, it's no secret that I really enjoy Korean dramas (it's hard not to be hooked on them once you start), but I actually don't watch too many historical dramas. In Korea, the historical dramas are the ones that are really popular and that all of the high-profile actors and actresses want to get into. I've only watched one historical drama (Rooftop Prince) and it just so happens that they had filmed the drama in this village! They had a few other dramas with cardboard cut-outs you could take pictures with, but this is the only one I've actually watched. Kelly was really embarrassed as I asked her to take this picture for me :D haha 

Not sure what this is, even now... but it was good!

After Kelly and I rode the bus from the Village back to Gangnam (where we had to take the subway back to school), we were both really tired and hungry and needed a pick-me-up. Two days ago when we were in Gangnam, we saw this pancake shop that looked amazing, but it ended up being closed because of Chuseok. Well, we went back today and it was open! I ordered the "French Toast" pancake, and even thought the colors look odd in the picture, it was really pretty and really delicious! I am thinking about going back another day just to try the other pancakes they had (like Green Tea and Red bean, Tiramisu, Chocolate, etc.)! Also, I just realized that I literally ate pancakes all day...

I also ordered the Green Tea Latte! It was tasty, but also a little odd since I'm used to tasting bitter green tea and not sweet green tea. It was something that I wanted to try, so I'm happy that I had it :) And with that, it concludes the Hanok Folk Village Adventures! 

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  1. Love this post!! That milk stuff is something I would NEVER try, I'm living vicariously through your food journey with all this crazy stuff! I can't believe there is a place where children do acrobatics on horseback... So cool! Can't wait for the next one :)