Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gangnam + Myeong-dong

Today, Kelly and I decided that we were going to a folk village to watch some of the festivities that are going on because of Chuseok (the Korean Thanksgiving). However, we never arrived at the village since we got lost halfway through and ended up taking too much time (basically missing the main festivities). Because of that, we decided to explore Gangnam and Myeongdong, since I mentioned that I was terribly out of pants (1 out of my 2 pairs of pants just ripped a few days ago...). Therefore, we ended up walking around in the largest shopping districts that Seoul has to offer! Also, we both decided that we would try to go to another festival this Saturday, so round two of celebrating Chuseok like a Korean will hopefully happen soon!

We began our Gangnam walk by visiting Lush (a makeup, perfume, soap, etc shop). It smelled SO good in there and there were a ton of products I wanted to buy, but they were severely expensive. The shop workers were really nice! The girl working there (pictured below) began doing our make-up and I really liked how she did mine! I had eyeliner and mascara on from the morning, but she added a silver dash above my black eyeliner that really popped and gave me pink lip tint! I actually want to start wearing lip tint, since it feels less annoying than lipstick and lasts longer, I just have to find a less-expensive brand. 

Our "make-up artist"!
I really liked what she did for my make-up!



We stopped off at a bakery and were immediately like "We need to buy one of everything and try it!", so we ended up with this piece of Chocolate cake, an egg tart, and the matcha cream bread (pictured above this). Wow, they were seriously delicious! I especially enjoyed the egg tart and the match cream bread! The chocolate cake was just normal chocolate cake, but Kelly really liked it!

Kelly with "doggy dog".
Me with "doggy dog".

I LOVE Korean fashion. They dress so chic and cutely at the same time! I'm taking notes for my future wardrobe!


Yes, that is a potato wrapped around a hot dog you see. They also had just the potato on a stick! They're really popular in Korea and I actually want to try one. 

Meat kebabs, they looked delicious!  


I really liked his bag! It looks very London-punk. 

Kittens at the subway... they were so cute but so sad. They were really afraid and I think the owner just wanted to get rid of them. If I didn't live in the dorm, I totally would have taken one home with me :(

I'm not sure if these were stuck to the bus stops for Chuseok or if this is a game? BILL, HELP! Do you recognize these characters? They're cute none-the-less. 

Me and Kelly. Taken with my tablet...


  1. Oh my god this is my favorite post yet!! Love the potato wrapped hot dogs, I want one. The food is so interesting! And the fashion is so cute!! Hope you're loosening your frugal fists and enjoying the shopping :) Poor kitties :((

  2. 1. Dude, you are so hot. Your hair looks fabulous and Alyssa's right, buy some cute clothes! YOLO.
    2. TAKE NOTES FOR FUTURE CLOTHES. Because I can make you stuff you can't find in the States ;) (I'm making Alyssa a sweater-shirt right now! Don't tell!)
    3. G-Dragon is the Justin Timberlake of Korea. lol