Friday, September 13, 2013

City Nights Pt. 2

I went walking again tonight since the rain has finally let up after 4 days of almost continuous showers. I don't particularly mind rain very much, but I'm too afraid of my baby (my camera) getting wet, so I haven't been taking very many pictures. In addition to that, it's only the second week of classes and I've been really stressed about everything going on with that, that I haven't been in the mindset to go out and take pictures. Also, I've been consumed with writing my story and reading other people's lately. I read an entire 500-page book in roughly two days, which I was a little ashamed about since I feel like I should be doing things. But, I only have one more main book in the series, so I'll try to pry my eyes away for enough time to go out!

Apparently tomorrow there is a free k-pop concert happening at the airport, so a group of us are planning to navigate the subways and head over there to see it! We're planning on being there at a ridiculously early time in hopes that we will be able to get seats, but we'll see what happens! I'm excited anyway! Also, a Korean girl in my class who dances hip-hop invited me to her concert that's happening next week! I love dance, so I'm really excited to see dancers here and see what Korean hip-hop is like! ALSO the Korean version of Thanksgiving (Chuseok) is next week, so we have no classes from Wednesday of next week! I'm really excited to see what types of traditional activities and performances they put on in celebration, and me and another girl in ISA has decided to go see some of the festivities, so I'm pretty pumped for the upcoming weeks!

Wow, I'm way more tired than I thought I was, so I'm not going to write too much more (do I sound like I'm babbling?). But there are a few more small cultural things that I've noticed that I wanted to share.
1. There are mirrors everywhere. In the elevator, girls will just stare at themselves or do their hair the whole ride down. While I was eating outside one day, I watched a guy checking himself out in a dark window for at least 5 minutes straight as he ruffled his hair and fixed his shirt. Not sure if this is a negative or positive thing, it's just an interesting cultural aspect.
2. In continuing with that, I noticed men go to hair salons. I don't mean barber shops, I mean it's a perfectly normal thing for a guy to be sitting under a pink blow dryer with those hair covers that you usually see on older women as they get their hair done. Guys (not all of them, but a lot of them) are very into their appearance here. There's no slouchy pants showing their underwear or beanies covering their hair because they haven't combed it that morning. There are even hair straighteners that are specifically for men! I actually prefer guys like this instead of them not even caring how they look, but some of them are a little too over the top with their vanity.
3. There are two types of people I've met so far while here in Korea. The first type are the people who think I should speak Korean fluently since I am a student here and they get annoyed when they have to speak English to me or make hand gestures because I can't understand. While I can understand where they're coming from, it makes me feel really stupid and embarrassed when I encounter these people. The second type are the people who speak English with me even when I go into the conversation speaking Korean. They see that I'm a foreigner and assume I know no Korean, so even when I answer them in Korean, they'll continue speaking English with me. Even though my Korean isn't that good yet, I still want to try to use it on people, and find it funny when they'll continue in English. These people are probably excited about practicing their English and are usually really wonderful!

Ok, here are some pictures now:

The same view I posted before, just this one is at night. 

Fish sitting out under a fan for it to dry. 


Street food and the vendor. 
Puppy shops.


  1. I see you, taking behind-the-head shots of hot Asians. I SEE YOU.

    1. What? haha NO! I liked how the red lights from the car made her water look red! Seriously... I'm not creepy...