Monday, September 30, 2013

BUSAN Excursion Pt. 2

This is a continuation of part 1 (CLICK). It is still day 1, on Saturday, but in the evening we traveled to the famous fish market! We were only allowed 1 hour here, so I was really rushed in taking pictures. I wish now that I had just walked around for that time instead of going to eat, but there's nothing I can do about it now.

The smell of the market was really incredible! I've never been a lover of fish, so the odor was overwhelming for me and I was feeling a bit sick by the end of the short walk through the outdoor section of the market. However, the variety of sea creatures was really cool to see, I didn't even know what most of the animals were or what they were called! There were some famous shops that were well-known for selling whale meat, which a brave soul in our group who tried it described it as "good, but chewy".

By the end of the evening everyone was pretty tired and departed back to our hotel. A few of us went out to get some coffee and tea and another group went out drinking, but all-in-all it was a very packed day! I think everyone slept really well that night!

We entered at the exit of the fish market. The vendors will often say in the Busan dialect "Oisu, Boisu, Saisu!" meaning "Come, See, Buy!", and that has become a cute characteristic of this particular fish market. This market is world famous, and as I had mentioned before, I only walked through the outdoor section and not the indoor portion. However, it was extremely large with hundreds of different vendors! 

The sign reads "Korean Meat" in Korean on top and "Sliced Whale Meat" in Japanese on the bottom. The sad (or cool?) part was that I can read and understand both languages! :D

The whale meat itself. It actually doesn't look too scary, but for some reason, whales are just one of those animals I can't bring myself to eat. 

Slicing the whale for people to try.
Cat cafe right next to "Little India".

Laura, Katie, and I went to a Shabu-Shabu restaurant, which is a type of cook-your-own-food restaurant. You're given ingredients and a boiling pot of broth, then you put the ingredients in one-by-one. The resulting meal comes in 3 waves: you first cook the meat and vegetables together to eat a stew, once you are finished with the meat, you put in the noodles to cook them in the meat broth, and lastly you place rice inside the extra broth to soak up all the liquid. It was A LOT of food and I had a bad feeling in my stomach after, but perhaps that was just how I personally reacted to it, since the other two girls seemed to really enjoy it. 

Uncooked meat.

The broth is so ridiculously hot that it cooks the meat in less than 30 seconds once placed in the liquid. I literally sat there and watched the meat cook in front of me, which was pretty cool! 

That's all for now! I'll begin posting Day 2 either later tonight or possibly tomorrow, it depends on how tired I am after my class :)

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