Sunday, September 29, 2013

BUSAN Excursion Pt. 1

Early Saturday morning, the group I am a part of here in Seoul took an excursion together out of Seoul and went to Busan! You can check out facts about Busan here (CLICK), or you can just read below all of my pictures and read the things I learned along the way. If you're not already aware, Busan is in the South of South Korea, which took almost 3 hours on bullet train to get there! The group spent an extremely busy two days there and I took over 500 pictures, so I am still deciding which to share and how to share them. I think I'll split them into sections and I'll try to keep it to a maximum of 40 pictures to each post. So, I'm probably going to be talking about Busan for the rest of this week... but I like a lot of the pictures I took and am excited to share them! Look forward to many, many posts!

On the KTX Bullet Train to Busan!

Out the window of the bullet train. The landscapes on our way there were GORGEOUS and I have a new wish to just go driving through the countryside of Korea and take pictures! 

Finally in Busan, we munched down on Mandu (aka dumplings) which were the size of our fists and delicious!

The inside of the Mandu. Made up of pork and veggies!

The restaurant is known for its cold noodles, but I have no idea what's inside of the dark red paste that you swirl into the noodles and because I was afraid of getting sick from my allergy, so I didn't order it. But the girl in our group who did order it said it was really good!

Outside the Busan bus terminal. Some crazy foreigners were playing the fountain...

Bus terminal.

Our private tour bus for both days!

L-R: Jay, Teesha, Megan, half of Valeria, Katie, all the way in back is Sarah, then Laura, and Krista.

At the stone beach!!!

Jay and Charles

They were being really funny and pulling their shorts up really high :) They actually look like brothers from the back!


Krista and Kelly

On the ferry we sailed around the coast of Busan! It was so pretty! 

One of our two fearless leaders! He's like a bolt of energy that stealthily takes pictures of you when you're not watching! He's constantly upbeat!

Our second wonderful leader! She is a really nice person who doesn't take anyone's crap. The two leaders joke that it always rains when she goes on excursions with the group, but when our other leader takes the group out, it's always sunny! 



Krista and Yankie

Sarah gets Jay and Yankie all to herself :P

Chris :D

More pics coming soon!

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