Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As of Late,

Just recently, I decided to create an 8tracks account! It was in part because my oldest sister is a part of this site and I constantly listen to her mixes anyway, but I also made it because I really enjoy making playlists! I haven't polished my skills of making mixes, at least not to the degree of my sister, but I do enjoy putting EVERYTHING to music. I'm writing a story? It deserves it's own playlist. I'm taking the subway to Hongdae? A Hongdae playlist. I'm taking the subway to Itaewan? An Itaewan playlist. I'm walking to class in the morning? Morning playlist. I'm walking to class in the evening? Evening playlist. I kid you not, I have a so many playlists on my zune that I actually have to clean them out once a week just to make more room. It's bad. However, I am excited to begin sharing these, even if no one listens to them, I'll have a space where I can save the mixes I make and go back to them later instead of just deleting them forever and forgetting about them! Also, I'm excited to continuously polish a few playlists, adding and subtracting songs over time, instead of completely wiping the slate and making a million different mixes.

So, this is my account: OfficialNecinco
I only have one mix up right now and it's for the story I'm writing. I'm going to continue to edit it, as I keep writing. But as of right now, it fits my story pretty well! There's 16 tracks if you feel like spending an hour listening to it:

ALSO, I have been trying to take pictures of what I eat, especially when it's interesting snacks and the like that are not available in the States! I would take pictures of the cafeteria food, but I don't want to point myself out as a foreigner (even though it's pretty obvious as I try to pick up kimchi with chopsticks, dropping the food back onto my plate the second before I can get it into my mouth) so I haven't taken any pictures of that yet. Maybe once I can eat without looking like an idiot, I'll get the courage to take pictures of what I eat in the cafeteria!

The food on the right looked delicious, but I actually got really sick after eating it. I almost threw up... a few times. I don't know why, but now I'm scared to eat anything packaged like this now. The pastry on the left was delicious, though! It was a little odd since it tasted like cheese, but the texture was AMAZING. Like eating a cloud! 

DAIRY. The top left is cheese in packaged tubes. It's the oddest thing I've seen here yet. I am confused by the packaging, but even more confused why the cheese is never refrigerated... is it like cheese whiz? I DON'T KNOW, but it freaks me out. The other three pictures are the large array of flavored milk. The banana milk is my favorite, but I also really like the espresso coffee flavor and the mint chocolate flavor!

My snack today! The espresso coffee milk was really delicious, it was like drinking a cold mocha! The pastry was... ok. The pastries here are just something I still have to get used to. I've been trying a new one every day (I know, I need to stop this before I gain 1000 pounds, but there are SO MANY pastries to try and so little time) and this one doesn't rank high on my tastiness scale. But the packaging made me laugh, "The elegant, delicious cake, should bring you a happy and delightful time" FALSE, it did not bring me a happy or delightful time. 

Lastly, I want to share this video, because I don't think I've pasted it onto here yet. I really love when musicians post themselves singing live, since it usually sounds better than the recorded version. I pretty much compare everything to the Talking Heads, once you listen to one of their live performances, they just don't sound as good on their recorded CD.
This is Coeur De Pirate, aka Beatrice Martin, who is a French-Canadian singer. She just has one of the loveliest voices and she has such great control over the notes she can sing, she reminds me of my sister Alyssa. ALYSSA you should post yourself singing! Don't think I didn't notice that you deleted your youtube page D: Too bad for you, I already downloaded the videos you had uploaded and I still watch them on the daily. Yeah, I'm that creepy.
(I like the second song she sings in this video a little better than the first one, so if you don't like the first one, skip to 4minute and 30 seconds into the video and listen to the second one!)


  1. HAHAHA you're so creepy downloading my videos!!! I want to make better ones, thats why I took them down, I just haven't gotten around to it yet! But I will :) Coeur de Pirate is one of my faves!!

    I love the food pictures and descriptions, keep them coming!!! Miss you a ton. Don't worry about other people, enjoy Korea the way YOU want :) It looks like you're having a marvelous time, and I'm so excited for you and love reading your blog posts.

    1. Thanks goat! I just need to have more confidence in what I want :) I'm happy you still read my blog!

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    3. Anytime!!! Don't let anyone ever tell you how to be happy, because you know best and everyone else can just SUCK IT! ahaha. Yay You've Got Mail, love that movie. ;)