Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inspiration: Diamonds in the Rough

Life has been zooming by in the past few weeks when before it felt as though it was going by painfully slow, but I suppose that's how life usually works. I can't believe I'm leaving for South Korea in just two full days, it seems incredibly close and yet not real at all at the same time.

New Voodoo Site
My sister and the company she works in, "Voodoo Factory Studio", now has their official web site up to date. It looks really beautiful and they used my pictures (which is exciting for me since I am still a student, my pictures are not being used for any publications)! The studio does really wonderful work and I'm so excited to see what they come up with next! Check out their Facebook and Myspace, follow them on Twitter, take a listen to their soundcloud, and check out their new design for their website!

Thursday Matinee 
I personally find it annoying when people will go see a movie based off a book and then want to read the book after because they've seen the movie. I know it's snobby of me, but there's just something important about knowing how the characters are supposed to look to you and reading the story for yourself before watching someone else interpret it for you. However, I went against this belief and went to see The Mortal Instruments movie with my sister before reading the book. I'm slightly embarrassed, but I seriously loved the movie (and now I want to read the book...)! This movie reminded me of Sucker Punch just in the way that it felt like I was reading a book while watching the movie, and it had a well-done cheesiness that you can't look away from and begin to love after the first few minute of the movie.

Korean Celebrities
I love K-pop, there's no secret about that, and even though I find it annoying that there's at least one person within each group who can't really even sing, I like the fact that everyone has their own talents that they excel in. For example, JongUp from B.A.P isn't the best singer or rapper by far, but he could seriously take down anyone who thinks they can dance better than him. Another person is Hara from Kara, who is kinda known for not being able to sing very well, but she is a seriously great model! I'm constantly blown away by the photos she takes, and not just because of her pretty face, but because she is actually good at modeling.

South Korea
I've been preparing for my departure to South Korea and getting myself excited for it mostly by writing down places I want to visit while I'm there! I have this crazy desire to want to hike up one mountain a week (since there are multiple mountains in Seoul) and spend every waking moment walking around a new part of the city. I know, since I'm taking classes for the few months I'm there, I may begin to become lazy and end up web surfing for hours instead of finding tiny shops hidden in alleyways, but I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic about my travels and my future work ethic! I'm excited and scared, but I am seriously looking forward to the future and can't wait to explore a city I've wanted to visit for years! Look forward to my massive amounts of updates! :)

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