Monday, July 29, 2013

The Cutest Cat Ever

I have never been a cat person. My older sister, however, has always loved cats and has hoped for a small kitten in a box for Christmas since she was a young child. Even though Moby didn't come for Christmas and wasn't delivered to Alyssa in a small box, he is her first cat and has been with her for over a year now. Just like a mother and her first child, she spoils him rotten and he happily lives like a prince.

My sister has this gift of being able to pick out the best animals. Before Moby she went through quite a few pet rats and they all had the best personalities. Moby is also a perfect example of this skill, as he truly has a wonderful personality (even though he can be a really terrible kitty sometimes)! It's very difficult to not fall in love with him!

As my best friend told me very wisely, "You're not a cat person, you're a Moby person."