Thursday, July 18, 2013

No More Glass at the Aquarium

One week ago today I had corrective eye surgery that allowed me to not have to wear glasses anymore! Even though the surgery was difficult for me (I have overflowing anxiety and had two panic attacks during the operation...) I am extremely happy that I was able to go through with it since now I have wonderful vision without glasses! This is a huge change for me since I've been wearing gasses since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was born with terrible sight and had to wear thick, grandma-like lenses which left marks (which are almost gone now!) on the bridge of my nose.

My eyes are still healing and I keep almost poking my eye since I have a habit of pushing my glasses up, but it's so incredible to not worry about glasses anymore! I just keep staring out the window like, "I CAN SEE WITHOUT GLASSES... THIS IS AWESOME!"

Today my mom and I took a trip to our new local aquarium and I took pictures with my camera for the first time without glasses!

My mom
My mom took this for me :)

It's been so hot lately that when I went out to shoot a few days ago, the lens on my camera fogged up and created a really pretty, soft effect for a few of my pictures!

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