Tuesday, July 9, 2013

National Museum of the National Air Force

While leaving Cincinnati, my dad and I decided to make a quick stop in the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Of course, the day we decided to go visit the museum was the 4th of July, which meant the place was swamped with people; however, because the museum is enormous (it houses hundreds of full size planes) I wasn't pushed around nor did I have trouble with people walking into my shots.

The museum itself is large in square footage as well as tall, which provided space for an incredible amount of artifacts as well as information about the air crafts and how they were used. I'm not an airplane lover (though I did collect a few when I was ten years old...) so the large size of the museum was a bit rough to get through, especially because we had been driving all day and I was tired. On top of that, I am more interested in the names and colors of each airplane than what they were used for. However, it was a good experience and now I know what the museum is like, I just wish I was more interested in airplanes.

The lighting in the museum is very strange, though I guess they had the best solution for trying to light such large objects. If it hadn't been raining that day I would have loved to look at the planes that they had outside, but the grass was ridiculously muddy and I didn't have protection for my camera against the rain.

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