Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspiration: Cool Stuff As of Late

Since I am on Summer break now, I have been really lazy about researching photography/photographers and practicing commercial photography myself. Therefore, this inspiration post is more of what has been inspiring me in my everyday life and not so much as a photographer.

I've been loving hip-hop/anything funky lately, so I have naturally drifted to Amoeba Culture (a Korean music company) who houses Supreme Team, Zion.T, Dynamic Duo (the founders of the company), as well as many other hip-hop artists. Dynamic Duo (made up of singer/rapper Choiza and rapper Gaeko) recently had a comeback with their title song called "BAAAM" ft. Muzie of UV. This song is so fun and Dynamic Duo are such amazing rappers that they can carry the entire song easily. I also really enjoy the music video, as the lighting is really unconventional but works very well for the sound of the song. I also LOVE good dancing and this video has a LOT of great dancing and cool choreography! You can watch the dance version of the music video here (CLICK) and the regular music video is below:

Another funktastic song that has been stuck in my head is MBLAQ's "Smoky Girl". I've enjoyed songs by MBLAQ before, not really because they were outstanding songs, but because they were just catchy and fun. However, this song doesn't even feel it belongs to an 'idol group' since it doesn't have random rap segments or awkward/catchy dance moves. The song is just a good, smooth song and so is the dance. And, yes, I'll admit that they repeat the words Smoky Girl way too much, but after awhile it just becomes part of the song and seems to fit really well. The only thing I can't really appreciate is Thunder's singing, but he was given good parts for his tone and range, and his voice doesn't completely turn me off to the entire song.

As for photography, I've always loved whimsical, pastel themed photography (which is why I LOVE Tim Walker's photography) and lately I found a picture set that reminded me of something Tim Walker would take. These pictures belong to Adrian Stephanus:

I have 4 main female role models in my life at the moment. Whether it's because of their fashion, singing voice, dancing, personality, or all 4 of those things, I look up to them in a lot of aspects in my life. Ai Takahashi began her career in Morning Musume but has since graduated and moved on to broadway-style musicals. Even when she was in Morning Musume (a Japanese idol group), she would talk about the Takarazuka Revue, which is an all female musical theater troupe, and how she's always looked up to them. So even though she's a great singer and I want her to release a solo album, it's really awesome to see her land roles in well-known productions and doing what she's always wanted to!

Anyway, a reason why I think she's awesome and is one of my role models is her everyday fashion. She effortlessly puts together understated but fun outfits that are sometimes odd, but always work well as a whole. Also, she is my height (5'2") or even shorter, but she doesn't make herself look that short! Her blog (CLICK) is where she shows off a lot of her fashion and everyday life, as well as the behind-the-scenes of her photo shoots and commercial shootings.

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