Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Country Living

My parents live out in the countryside of Ohio in a partially wooded house surrounded by thick trees and wildlife abound. Since I'm in college I still call my parent's house "home" even though I don't live there for most of the year, I have not stopped moving places each year and therefore have no roots of my own anywhere. I know I'm not the first child who has grown up in the country to want to move away to a big city,  but that has always played a big part when I mentally list what I want when I "grow up". A huge reason why I'm so excited to study abroad in Seoul when the Fall comes is that I will be able to finally live in a large city for an extended period of time!

Just thinking of this huge change that's coming up quickly makes me appreciate the country a little more. It's so quiet (almost unnervingly quiet at times) but peaceful and there are the most beautiful skies I have ever seen no matter where else I go. I also love the way everything around you becomes alive after it rains, it's as if the grass becomes more green as you watch it and the leaves on the trees flip-flop over in happiness.

Even though I don't have models easily at hand when I visit home, I love to return back to nature and walk through the fields, photographing what I find. I've had these pictures for about a month and completely forgot about them, but i'm extremely happy with the way they came out; I love that if you go outside at the right time of day, the sun will create a natural spotlight!

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