Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog Lovin: My Top 6

As of late I haven't been spending very much time on Tumblr. I'll still go on and have a massive attack where I post everything, but other than that, I'll go days without even thinking of checking. Because of my lack in motivation for looking at blogs lately, there are still a few where I always get excited to see that they've updated! These have been my favorite blogs for a few months now, but I've been following most for a few years... all pictures belong to their respective owners.

Fashion // Photography // Food
Sandra is from Stockholm and she makes her work as a freelance writer. Even though most of her posts are in Swedish, her blog is very English-friendly and her posts usually consist of beautiful pictures, amazing fashion, and a really fun look at her travels and everyday life. She has one of those blogs where you look at it and ask yourself, "What am I doing with my life?".

Fashion // Inspiration
I started reading Michelle's blog back in 2010 and now she's graduated from fashion school and working in the field. Even though she doesn't post as much as she used to, I still love seeing the outfits she puts together and reading about what inspires her creatively. She has a really nice aesthetic that is very consistent in what inspires her, her outfits, and the things she creates.

Food // Photography
Anna currently lives in Japan, which is the reason I found out about her. My sister told me about her blog because she has the same odd sense of humor as us and she lives in Japan, which is a place I've always wanted to travel to. Her reasons for posting are to show recipes, but she always has an odd story and great pictures to share. She barely ever posts (she's more active on her flickr) but I am always excited when she does!

Vanilla & Lace
Fashion // Food
Abi runs a photography business and a clothing shop but her blog posts consist of ridiculously good recipes (the soft pretzels on her blog are to die for) and most recently baby talk since she found out she was pregnant. Her pictures are really well taken, even though they are mostly just everyday shots, and her posts are usually very nicely written.

Alien's Day Out
Food // Photography
Mipa is a vegan baker is Seoul, South Korea. I only recently found out about her blog (mainly from researching Seoul, since I'm going there in a month!!) but the moment I found it, I loved it. Her food looks delicious and I think it's awesome that she's trying to bring vegan baking into a country that is not very vegetarian friendly. Her posts are fun to read and her pictures make me so excited to be traveling to Seoul soon (and hopefully try out her food once I get there!).

Le Monde De Tokyobanhbao
Photography // Fashion // Food
I began reading her blog in high school (around 2009 or 2008) when I was learning French and could actually read her writing. Unfortunately, I have since lost a lot of my French-speaking capabilities, but on most of her posts she provides an English translation. Her fashion is understated but chic and her pictures always have a great location with beautiful lighting. She also creates illustrations of her and the things she does, which are adorable and bring a very creative aspect to her posts!

I just noticed I picked all female bloggers as my favorite! Maybe it's because I'm a female as well and can relate to their writing more? Or maybe it's because most of their blogs are about food and fashion...

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