Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Adventures of Stephanie and Kimchi!

Have I talked about how awesome my sisters are before? Oh, right, I made two whole posts about them...

Well, that's because they're awesome and they do awesome things and I love them!

It was my birthday on June 13th and my oldest sister did so many things for me (she painted me a "Doctor Who" quote because that show is amazing, and she sent me a notebook that has cameras plastered all over it) and today she made me into an "Adventure Time" character! She's so good at art and she's way too humble about her mad skills (it almost makes me angry sometimes... but I guess I'm the same way about my skills).

So, this is a sketch Sam made for me about 2 years ago (maybe more... I can't remember) that I recently re-found. I feel like this is how I looked in high school in a very caricature sort of way. Look at my tiny camera:

And this is the sketch she made for me today as an "Adventure Time" character:

I hope she realizes I now want comic strips of me and Kimchi going on adventures! Sam, if you need Japanese words for Kimchi, I can help! haha... But really :{D

Not to make myself sound even more geeky, but in Skyrim I always make my character use a mace (or small sword) in one hand with magic in the other, which is what Sam based my weapons off of. Whoa... Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Skyrim, my fish named Kimchi... I promise I'm not as geeky as I sound right now. Look at how badass I am as a comic character! Love it.

P.S. My fish is named Kimchi, but he speaks Japanese... this pretty much explains my life. Take that as you will.

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