Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Short Trip to the Falls

Today my sister and I took a trip to Chagrin Falls, which is a really beautiful area north of Cleveland. There are so many little shops and eateries, and because it was such a sunny day today, we had a really wonderful time walking around!

Watch the Throne

Antique-ish store... creepy but cool, right?

In other news, my sister is starting up a multimedia production house in Cincinnati, Ohio! The company is called Voodoo Factory Studio and they do really fantastic work! Even though they are still starting up their online presence, I'm so excited for everyone involved! If interested, here (CLICK) is their contact page. Right now they're also giving away a free pair of drumsticks, and will probably continue to do more promotions as they expand!

Below are some pictures from their Facebook page (see more HERE) and you can follow them on twitter (CLICK) and youtube (CLICK).

Below is an example of a commercial they made for a local company called "Peek-A-Poo" dog treats. It's so adorable!

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