Friday, June 7, 2013

Life Update: South Korea and Music

I have some really exciting news towards my life and that news is


That's right! I've always wanted to travel to Asia ever since I was young. First I had a huge interest in China, then my interests moved to Japan and now Japan and South Korea together. Because I am still in college, my travel will be a study abroad, which I'm slightly anxious about but still excited! Now that I have my passport and will be applying for a visa soon, it's all feeling very real to me! I'm especially looking forward to taking lots of pictures, eating Korean food, and going traveling. AHHH! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Music I've been into lately:

Geeks just released an album titled "Backpack" and I love it. Not only Wash Away (below), but Love, Life and Testament are perfect songs.

Akdong Musician released a single I Love You before their decision of signing on with YG Entertainment. This song is adorable and catchy (I find myself humming it way too often) and the video is equally cute. Even though I think their sound better suits JYPe, the freedom YGe gives their artists is much better, so I'm happy with their decision!

Led Apple is not close to the top of my favorite bands; however, the members of the band are all really talented and have a great sound. I think this is my favorite cover of theirs, it really shows off the singers well! I wish they made better music, because I think they have great potential.

Lastly, who doesn't love this song? It's fun and the music video is hilarious, but on top of that, Macklemore is a really good rapper! Great idea for a song and video!

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