Sunday, May 5, 2013

V-Boards Are Challenging

Last week on Saturday, I had my last photo shoot of the Spring Semester. I had an ambitious idea in mind, and without thinking about how I would accomplish it, I set out in hopes of doing the best I could. One of my teachers did a fashion series using a V-board set-up, which was my inspiration for this shoot. In addition to that, a very well-known photographer just released a series (123) using a V-board with beautiful lighting. However, since the studio was being cleaned out, I ran into the same problems as my last photo shoot, I simply did not have the tools that I wanted to use. Instead of having octagonal soft boxes, I had one square soft box, which didn't quite give the same type of light that I wanted.

Here is my (beautifully) drawn set-up:
The light in the front was the square soft box and the light in the back, behind the model, was a hard light with a colored gel (blue and later, pink). The back light was on a boom arm over the top of the v-boards. 

I don't think the pictures came out badly, but I definitely want to re-try using the v-boards when I have lighting equipment that I actually had planned to use. Once I switched to the pink gel, I gave up on trying to use the v-boards and just had the model stand against the wall. I really wanted these brightly colored shadows without the colored light getting on the model, but when I tried to rearrange, it never really worked correctly. However, I think for some of the shots, the colors work well without being too in-your-face.

Here they are... let me know what you think! 

There are a few other photos I added to the slideshow instead of including them in the post, so check this out as well: 

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