Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Been 4 Months!

Last Friday I had my first fashion photo shoot since 4 months ago! I was incredibly excited and had too many ideas that I wanted to accomplish within the time frame I was given. I had a few roadblocks in the process; I wanted to try using a beauty dish for the first time, but it was not in the studio. In addition to that, the studio was being cleaned out on the day I chose to shoot, so I only had two lights and some really enormous soft boxes to work with. Not bad, but not really what I wanted to try. I think the shoot went really well with trying to work with what I was given. I decided to have two major set-ups, one was with one soft box to the left (a little to the back) on a black background, and the other was a large soft box in the front left with another to the back right.

Brittany came to model in this shoot. She's really nice and since I had only used her in my Winter final project (which I just realized I never posted on my blog...), I was excited to have a more relaxed shoot. She has a really distinct fashion sense, which really helped since I didn't really have a unique idea of what I wanted for this shoot!

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