Thursday, May 9, 2013

Impromptu Spring Photo Shoot

I don't like change. I always want things to change, but I find myself very opposed to change a lot of the time. I become anxious and unhappy even when good change is happening in front of me. It's odd, I know it is, but I still have trouble reacting differently when certain things happen. I suppose that's something to work on. I need to stop trying to control everything.

In other news, my oldest sister and I are home for a short amount of time and today we took a walk together! I tried out a new lens (an 85mm) which I am in love with now; the DOF is ridiculously selective on it, which gives so many more possibilities than my other lens. On the walk, my sister allowed me to take pictures of her, which I was really happy about since usually my family isn't the most excited when I pull out my camera. Actually, every time they see me just carrying it, everyone except for Sam will drop to the ground and crawl out of the room in hopes that I wont notice them.

I really like taking pictures of Sam because she has confidence in herself and that really translates into the images! On top of that, she doesn't get bored of having me take pictures of her and she takes direction really well, so she's a really good model! 

Here's a short video (I'm trying to get better at fashion shorts, so I've been taking video whenever I can) and then my favorite pictures from the impromptu shoot will be after. Let me know what you think!

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