Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring is in Full Bloom!

It's so gorgeous outside! The whole campus is covered with colors of pink, white, and green, so it is very difficult for me to not be outside taking pictures! Especially because I've been so stressed out lately, it's really great to take an hour or two walking around and not thinking about much! After such a long, cold Winter, this Spring is definitely welcome and appreciated!

My dad sent me pictures a day or two ago having the title of "Spring" with tulips covered in ice and snow falling! It's still snowing over by them! I couldn't believe it; though, I guess because of where I live I shouldn't be surprised... hopefully it will warm up before I travel back home in two weeks!

Anyway, here are some pictures I took today with a quick video at the bottom of the post:

Also, there was some paper wall graffiti peeling off that I thought looked really awesome. I love the prints!

Here's the video (if you couldn't tell from the other video I made, I really love BuskerBusker's song! I'm not surprised that it won so many awards in Korea, it's seriously perfect for the Springtime!).