Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photographers: Hong Jang Hyun and Zoo Yong Gyun

I love researching different photographers! Not only American photographers, but I find that photographers in different parts of the world have such a different and interesting look at the world. My teachers are always telling me to skip American issues of magazines and check out Italian Vogue or Harper's Bazaar UK instead (I'm not saying American photographers and their pictures aren't worth looking at, but right now American magazines are not seen quite as cutting edge in terms of photography).

 Because of my special interest in Asian countries, I've been searching a lot of different photographers and soon found out about Hong Jang Hyun. Other than being a famous Korean photographer, I have to say that I don't know much about him. I do, however, really love his photography!

Another Korean photographer I've come to admire is Zoo Yong Gyun. Again, I don't know anything about this photographer, I just really enjoy the photography!

Zoo Yong Gyun also took pictures of Suzy and Fei from Miss A, so I had to include these because I love Miss A:


I want to make a quick note that while I believe all these pictures are by the respective photographers, I can't be 100% sure. Their websites are not very detailed, so I looked through the internet to find these pictures. Even if some of them may not be the photographer's pictures, respectively, I still like them very much!
Also, even though I believe this is obvious, none of these pictures belong to me.

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