Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inspiration: Edgy Lighting

I'm finally having a photo shoot this Friday! With people! I've been drowning in still-life pictures for the past few months and have been itching to have a fashion photo shoot, so I was able to get a few wonderful people together and we'll be having a shoot at the end of this week! I'm incredibly excited!

In celebration of my soon-to-be photo shoot, I want to share some pictures that I've noticed recently that have been making me swoon. I love dramatic lighting and definitely want to utilize some of the techniques below this Friday!

First up are photos from the Dec2012 issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.
These pictures were taken by Matt Irwin.
Kiko Mizuhara... I've posted about her here: CLICK.

I LOVE Fashion Served because there are so many different photographers I would have never learned about unless I looked at this website. One of those photographers is Cihan Alpgiray, who took these pictures:

These next pictures are in the May2013 issue of American Vogue and were shot by Mario Testino. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Mario Testino's pictures. Even looking through his website, I'll either see something and think "OMG THAT'S BEAUTIFUL" or I'll just scroll past it and not be interested. However, I literally bought the May issue of Vogue just for these pictures. They're gorgeous.

Next up are all pictures I found from Fashion Served, but are taken by different photographers (names under their respective photos).

Josefina Bietti

Jakub Gulyas

Marie Schmidt

Tobias Lang

These two pictures are by David Cummings:

None of the pictures above belong to me, but to the people who I've credited along with their pictures. 
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