Monday, February 11, 2013

F.A.C.E.S Fashion Show

Wow, after this weekend, I completely respect fashion photographers who make a living off of photographing fashion shows. This was my first fashion show that I've ever been to and on top of that, I was shooting it! From the perspective of a fashion lover and audience member, it was a really amazing and fun show! From the perspective of a photographer, I was nervous and completely busy throughout the whole show.

My biggest mistake that will probably haunt me for a few more weeks (I couldn't sleep the whole night after the show because I was so angry with myself) is that I chose to sit on the side instead of the center. Not saying this is a good excuse, but I think I was so nervous that I wasn't thinking properly. Seriously, I must have not been thinking at all. I'm still pretty angry with myself (if you couldn't notice).

However, I'm trying to accept that mistake as something that I can learn from. I also learned that the lighting during a fashion show is crazy and you constantly need to be aware of what your camera settings are! My finger didn't leave my shutter speed wheel for more than a minute because of the constantly changing lights.

Anyway, I tried my best throughout the show and I got some pictures that I like. I'm not sure if F.A.C.E.S will like them, but I like these:

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