Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Red and Blue Lights

I am fascinated with colorful lights and I don't know why... well, actually I do know why. It's because they're awesome. However, I have not quite figured out how I like to use the colored lights. Should I overpower all other colors in the frame or should I use them as accents here and there? In this shoot, I decided to use them as the main colors in the frame. My thinking was that the red light would be the "shadow" while the blue light could be the "main light". Looking back, I actually wish I had placed a third light above or behind her head to  give some more depth... hopefully I can experiment more in the future!

Also, it's pretty obvious that I was experimenting with shutter drag throughout this entire shoot. Colored lights and shutter drag are just a match made in heaven for me :)

 Rediat helped me out by modeling in these pictures for me!
If you're interested, you can find my first photo shoot where I used colored lights here: CLICK.

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