Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion: Gesture

Gesture is one of the most important aspects when using people in pictures. Having someone stand with their arms at their sides, completely vertical, doesn't look good and it doesn't make the picture very dynamic. I am a firm believer in making my models do crazy things, even if it's just to loosen them up. I've had many run-ins with self-conscious models who are afraid to go extreme for fear of looking strange or ugly, but that's what fashion is all about! It's not like I'm going to pick the pictures they look weird in, so I'm always happy when a model comes in, ready to try different things!

For this shoot in particular, the most important aspect was the gesture that the model used. I visited home during the shooting of this assignment, and used my best friend Marie. She's ridiculously gorgeous and tall and skinny, and pretty much a model already (she just doesn't know it yet!). I could tell she felt a little awkward at times, but only because she had never modeled before, and it's only natural to have no idea what to do. She took direction amazingly and we ended up getting some really cool shots! (Although, I think her legs may have been sore from holding them up different places... thank you for that!). All the light is natural.

Here are the shots:

My personal favorite:

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